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A ten week evening course

A Day with Plato


June 2nd 2018 Waterperry House, nr. Wheatley, Oxon (Satnav OX33 1LG)

A study day led by David Hodgkinson.

Plato's writings in the fourth century BC offer an inspirational vision of philosophy, one in which we are encouraged to think deeply about our beliefs. His works lead us to think about the ideas which govern our lives, and help us to question and refine those ideas. Plato himself found inspiration in the teachings of Socrates, who spent much of his life questioning those around him, including members of the political elite in Athens. In the dialogue Euthyphro, Plato meets and questions a man who claims to be an expert in relations with the gods, and therefore knowing all about the law and how it should be approached because of his expertise. It does not take long for the man, Euthyphro, to find himself doubting his knowledge, and becoming increasingly frustrated with Socrates' questioning.

The Day with Plato offers us an opportunity to question our ideas, and to examine how they affect our lives.

Start time - 9.45

End time - 15.15

Cost £20 inc lunch, £12 without lunch.

Pre-booking is essential as numbers are limited. Go to http://bit.ly/oxplatoday

For more information, contact David on oxplatoday@gmail.com